Alphacore Inc., founded in 2012, is located in the innovative Silicon Desert of Arizona’s technology center. Our engineering and management team combines long histories of delivering innovative RF, analog and mixed signal products and imaging systems for critical systems with business success at companies from multi-nationals to start-ups. Our design team includes seasoned “Radiation Hardened By Design” (RHBD) experts, and we specialize in designing high performance microelectronics, and reliability or authentication tools for niche needs of demanding segments, including scientific research, aerospace, defense, medical imaging, and homeland security.


Our Alphacore designers develop innovative analog and mixed-signal building blocks for complete solutions on the latest technology nodes for commercial and radiation tolerant specifications.

Our IC project teams will become an extension of your system development group, allowing you to focus on the overall end product optimized for your specific requirements. Through our contract engineering services, Alphacore will help you find the right microelectronics solutions including:

  • Contract Engineer Services
  • Analog Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit (IC) Design
  • Complete High-Resolution Imaging System
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Cybersecurity and Reliability Monitors
  • Built in Self Test circuits
  • Design support through critical design reviews
  • Intellectual Property (IP) licenses for existing IC blocks
  • Comprehensive IC Testing and Characterization Services

Find out today:

How our services can meet and exceed the expectations of your next project.

The best way to get started with us is to have one of our applications engineers work with you to evaluate your design and help you explore partitioning options for your system specification.

After matching your design requirements to Alphacore’s existing IP solutions we may in some cases determine that a new IP is required to achieve the special requirements unique to your design.

To get more information about how your design requirements can be met please Contact Us.