IP Cores

Alphacore Inc. offers IP Cores in the areas of Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, Space & Defense, Telecommunications, Test Equipment, and Scientific Experiments.

  • ADC IP Core
    • A4B25G
    • A6B25G
    • A10B3G
    • A12B60M
    • A10B250M
    • A10B25M
  • PLL and Interface IP
    • P25G
    • P12G
    • High-speed I/O transceiver T28G
    • High-speed I/O transceiver T16G
  • Analog and RF IP
    • Track and Hold Amplifier TH25G
    • Ka-band GaN Power Amplifier PA35G
  • Detector Readout IP
    • Multi-channel charge sensitive preamplifier (CSA) CSA32
    • Multi-channel Readout ADC A10B50M16CH
    • Readout Integrated Circuit (ROIC) R16C
  • Imaging Solutions
    • High-speed CMOS Image Sensor IS10K
    • High-speed Camera C10K

The Alphacore Inc. IP cores are available for licensing with various attractive types of license models. Additionally, technical support for porting the IP to your SoC is available separately. Please complete and submit our contact form for more details about IP licensing.