Imaging Solutions

Alphacore Inc. offers Imaging Solutions that apply to the areas of Homeland Security, Medical Imaging, and Space & Defense. These areas demand system reliability in environments that even the most robust commercial components cannot survive. Alphacore’s camera pixel array chip for hostile long term applications is shown below.


Alphacore Imaging Solutions provide high video frame rate (up to 100k frames/sec), minimum integration time, clear still shots, pictures in low light conditions at high speed, and circular buffering. Both regular and radiation hardened cameras are available. Radiation hardened cameras can be implemented to monitor the beams of particle accelerators, as cameras outside of the spacecraft, and more. Other high sensitivity camera applications are; therapeutic medical biological fluorescence imaging equipment, digital beam- forming systems, welding process control, radiation diagnostics, capture of missile ballistic intercepts, nuclear power plant safety monitoring applications, airborne/space borne platform applications, optical networking, and test equipment.

Datasheets are available by clicking this link then indicating imaging product of interest. Datasheets may have non-disclosure agreement or export regulations restrictions.