High-Performance Analog and Mixed-Signal IC Design

Alphacore Inc. high-speed analog and mixed-signal ICs are designed with a distinct focus on Space & Defense, Telecommunications, Test Equipment and Scientific Experiment applications. Our analog IC products provide state-of-the-art performance to meet all of your design needs.

Our team has the expertise to provide IC designs in cutting-edge analog and mixed-signal technologies, resulting in more efficient use of board space, power, and more dependable delivery schedules and budgets for your designs.

Our Analog & Mixed-Signal IC Products

Get to know our range of IC products! Alphacore Inc. has successfully designed:

Analog-to-Digital Data Converters
supporting speeds from 25MHz to 25 GHz, and resolutions from 6 bits to 12 bits


Such as a 25GHz frequency, 20% tuning range and 150fs jitter;  and 12GHz frequency, 60% tuning range and 400fs jitter


Interface IPs 
Such as a High-speed I/O transceiver with 28Gb/s data rate and 18mW power consumption in 28nm CMOS; and a High-speed I/O transceiver with 16Gb/s data rate and 16mW power consumption in 65nm CMOS

Readout Integrated Circuit (ROIC)
With a 16-channel CSA+ ADC combination, 10-bits, 50 MSPS, ENOB = 9.3, 8m W per channel, and an optional 5-bit PGA front end

High-speed CMOS Image Sensor
With 10,000 pixels, a pixel size of 20um x 20um, global shutter, minimum integration time of 500ns, readout speed of 10k-100k frames/sec, ADC resolution of 10 bits


High-speed Camera
This integrated camera includes a complete camera system with image sensor, optics, enclosure, and software GUI, 10,000 pixels, 10k- 100k  frames/sec


Why Choose Alphacore Inc.’s Analog and Mixed-Signal ICs?

  • Performance Optimization and Efficient Power Use
  • Radiation Tolerant and Rad Hard Specifications and Screening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Efficient Board Space Usage
  • Characterized for Design Specification
  • IP Licensing and Technical support available
  • Long Product Life Cycle
  • Better Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Lower Cost