High-Performance Imaging System Development

Alphacore Inc. is a leader in high-performance data capture and Imaging Systems for space, defense, homeland security, medicine and other applications. Our products include Readout Integrated Circuits (ROICs), high-speed CMOS Image Sensors, and high-speed Camera circuits and modules.

Capturing very high speed data flows accurately and without latency demands the highest conversion and processing rates. Alphacore does that before breakfast! The real edge of the envelope comes when data capture must be in radiation hostile and/or at cryogenic temperature environments where decades of reliable operation is demanded.

Proprietary design and manufacturing technologies from Alphacore Inc. have proven to optimize imaging systems and create the perfect fit for our customers' applications. A design is developed with the customer to incorporate their specification for pixel size, global/rolling shutter, integration time, frame rate, I/O speed, ADC resolution and speed, dynamic range sensitivity. During this collaboration, operating environments are considered to satisfy the customer’s radiation tolerance and operational temperature range objectives including cryogenic specifications.


  • Flexibility with specifications
  • Optimized performance
  • Collaboration on best partitioning of work flow to suit customer’s resources
  • Supply chain security of proprietary design through volume wafer manufacturing sources


  • Frame rates up to 100 k frames per second
  • Radiation hardened designs
  • Area and power optimized ADC's with 8, 10, and 12-bit resolutions
  • Programmable Gain Amplifier front-ends for increased dynamic range
  • Various application-optimized pixel architectures
  • Numerous noise reduction techniques
  • Space, Defense, Science, Homeland Security and Medical application qualification grades available
  • Cryogenic operational temperature range designs